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Elements of Power in Relationship [Rebroadcast]

April 21, 2022 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 53
Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them
Elements of Power in Relationship [Rebroadcast]
Show Notes

This week, I'm bringing back the most popular episode of the podcast for your listening pleasure.

The 12 Elements of Power framework is more relevant now than ever for for us as feminists who don't want to think about power in an essentialist sense, don't want to think that there are particular qualities that we don't have access to because that hasn't been our lived experience. What we know is that we have within us, for instance, both the capacity to be self-reliant, and the capacity to be connected. Those are two of the elements of power. And all of the elements come in pairs like this that we'll talk through today. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about :

  • How Driving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin… We can only do so much “making it happen” without a commensurate capacity to “let it in.”
  • Why “masculine” traits and “feminine” traits are a fallacy, even though there’s plenty of evidence for them, and what’s more true than that kind of gender essentialism
  • The twelve precise capacities every human possesses and needs to master to be fully powerful in love and elsewhere in life 

Hot Moments in this episode:

  • What “psychological patriarchy” is and how it affects us [7:19]
  • How the 12 Elements of Power can be like bodybuilding [11:18]
  • The element of power that looks the least like power, but may be the most powerful [15:06]
  • Taking the elements of power into the realm of intimacy [17:15]

I hope you find this episode is just what you need to hear as you navigate your relationship in these intense times. I hope you are able to remember your exquisite beauty, divinity, and intrinsic aliveness.  And I hope you let the light within you illuminate the world around you.

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