Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love


October 13, 2022 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 62
Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love
Show Notes

If you feel like you are wasting your time and energy being upset about the same things month after month, year after year, the good news is that there’s a way out. You can break the cycle of hurt and resentment that keeps you from living the life you want. Sound good? Today's episode will equip you to free yourself from any grudge, irritation, frustration, resistance or anger that you may be carrying and take your power back.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • What I've learned about digging into the stuck places in relationships
  • The surprising place where I learned the most powerful tool in my arsenal for discovering what's keeping us stuck.
  • My step-by-step guide to the “resentment remodeling process”
  • How I use the tool in my own life, using a real example (we’re getting real personal!)

And more.  


The Resentment Remodeling Process Worksheet

“Most people want to be fair about their own role in their problems. We want to take responsibility. We want to feel agency and we want to be able to move past what's in the past. The bottom line is though, we never really learned how.”
-Michele Lisenbury Christensen

E.g. Join the conversation by listening, then share your story inside our free Conscious Couples' Circle on Mighty Networks.

Hot Moments in This Episode:

  • What it means to get one of your “buttons” caught [6:04]
  • How to sandblast aspects of your personality [8:40]
  • Defining yourself as the protagonist of the story [19:24]

I hope that this tool brings you great peace and helps you return to your power. And may the light within you illuminate the world around you.

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