Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love

Legacy Love

January 26, 2023 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 65
Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love
Legacy Love
Show Notes

Whenever I say that I help couples create Legacy Love, the people I’m talking to light up because they're the kind of people who have a vision for their whole life. They want to leave a legacy in this lifetime and creating a love worth kind of handing down, something that goes far beyond just the couple to bless others, appeals to them. But, as great as that sounds, a lot of people ask me, what do you really mean by Legacy Love and what does that entail?

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • The eight components of  Legacy Love that I’ve identified (so far!)
  • Why you should care about Legacy Love
  • How you can heal and grow within your relationship
  • Ways that you can build towards something magnificent in your partnership

And more.  

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“Love is not just a feeling. It's a skill set. It's a capacity is something that we need to grow on, work on, expand upon every day, a little bit at a time.”
-Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Hot Moments in This Episode:

  • Making your relationship your personal school (2:20)
  • How you can cultivate the divine masculine and feminine (4:52)
  • Part of what makes relationships fragile (8:40)
  • How a draining relationship is like a broken foot (13:40)

My wish for you is that you cultivate a Legacy Love that will energize and sustain you through the years. I hope that your love will continue to grow and that the light within and between you will illuminate the world around you.

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