Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love

100-Year Marriage

March 25, 2023 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 68
Sex.Love.Power.: Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Polarity, and Waking Up In Love
100-Year Marriage
Show Notes

Kurt and I have been married for almost 23 years and we're planning on another 50 to 75 together. We think, in terms of taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits and given the way technology is going, we could each live to be well over a hundred which gives us an amazingly long time to grow in love together and to contribute in so many other parts of our lives. Today's episode is about how we think about what I call, for shorthand “The 100-Year Marriage” and how you could think about it too. 

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should think about the long-term plan for your relationship
  • The areas of your life you should consider as you look at the next 50 or 75 years
  • Questions you can ask yourself and each other to help define your vision for long lives together
  • Resources that have helped expand my thinking about longevity and legacy

And more. 

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“You get to have any marriage, you're up for creating.”
-Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Hot Moments in This Episode:

  • How to plan for retirement... or not. (11:30)
  • The books that changed my outlook on life (13:40)
  • How you are living as if your relationship doesn’t matter (27:46)

I hope that your love can be a fountain that nourishes everything around it, an oasis that creates aliveness spreading out and out and out from you as a couple.


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