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Couple Goals

January 07, 2021 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 19
Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them
Couple Goals
Show Notes

If you’re like my clients, you’re ambitious in every area of your life, and your marriage is no exception.  That said, and as much as the hashtag “couple goals” is a running joke we often make when we think “wouldn’t it be great to be like THOSE TWO” - actually setting goals TOGETHER for how you’re going to make your relationship great is not a particularly common practice.  

I’m on a mission to help as many couples as I can to learn that the closeness, the peace and ease, and the totally turned-on erotic connection we want are all as actionable as our income goals or our fitness goals.  Effective communication, great sex, and deep intimacy are not the product of luck.  They’re all the product of habits.  With the right habits, you can build skills and capacities that make for a fantastic relationship. 

If you’ve never thought of having couple goals, if your partner isn’t remotely interested in talking with you about shared goals, or if you can’t imagine that a simple habit could transform the stickiest aspect of your relationship, well,  you’re not alone.  Those experiences are shared by many couples.  But  the truth is, you CAN set couple goals (even if  your partner doesn’t want to talk about them) and habits DO have the power to revolutionize your love.  

In this episode we’re going to talk about your desires for your relationship

  • We’ll look at why it’s so hard to put a relationship desire on “goal” status
  • I’ll show you how to look back and see which repeated behaviors created the relationship you have today 
  • And we’ll pick the lock on the love & sex you WANT to have by identifying the kinds of habits that you can cultivate in the new year that will build precisely the relationship you long for.

I want you to be able to break down anything you want to experience in your relationship - or any experience you want to STOP having in your love - into the skills and capacities that a couple who have what you want have built. I want you to be able to identify the practices and habits that will build those skills and capacities.  Because when you know how to map a path from here to there in love, then the legacy love - the kind of love that not only lasts a lifetime but touches others long after you live - that you desire will be inevitable.  

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