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Expanding Erotic Intelligence

February 18, 2021 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 24
Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them
Expanding Erotic Intelligence
Show Notes

In this episode, we're having the conversation we need to have about the four keys to creating more of the heat and connection you want and the single practice I use to help couples expand all four things in their relationship, and in so doing, create the love and sex they really deserve.

If you've had a hard time initiating sex, or taking your partner up on their invitations, when they ask in the way they ask, even though you sincerely would like to have more sex, at least in the abstract, this is for you. 

Or if you aren't sure how to ask for more of what you want or you think your partner could build more skill at touching and being present sexually, but it's hard to describe what that skillfulness would look like...This is for you. 

Or if you notice that you have a hard time staying present in erotic situations: truly letting your partner in and allowing yourself to deeply receive their attention, their touch, and their care...This is for you. 

If you face those challenges, you are in very good company. Nobody taught any of us how to have great sex, and a nourishing partnership with a grown up in these changing bodies and with these adult responsibilities: aging parents and growing kids and big careers....While we're trying to build a better world. It's a lot!  

And I am determined that today's episode will help, because I would like you to get a handle on these four keys, so you can unlock the best sex of your lives. I know it's still ahead of you, whether you believe that yet or not. And in this episode, you will learn how to create it. 

There are four things that dramatically accelerate a couple's ability to go deeper in love and sex. They include clarity, capacity, communication, and container, we're going to go into all four of them.

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