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How to Stay. When to Go

May 15, 2021 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 33
Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them
How to Stay. When to Go
Show Notes

If you’re realizing your partner isn’t showing up with the capacity for the love or sex or vibrancy you want, deserve, and need

If you have been asking for what you need and they maybe make some moves toward it and then take steps backward and you find yourself asking, “Am I an idiot for staying when I’ve made it clear what I need and my partner doesn’t seem to be changing?”

If you long for a depth of love and sex that you wonder if your partner will EVER be capable of meeting you in

...Then this episode is for you.  And if what I share here makes you slam your hand on the table and shout “YES!  Thank you!  That is what I’ve been feeling and trying to express!  You named it!”  then this might be a good episode to share with your partner.

This episode is a deeply personal one for me and for Kurt.  You need to know upfront that in a different universe he’d be on here talking about this with me… AND that’s not who he is, but also that if you’re hearing this now it’s because he gave me the green light to share the episode I made sharing our story from my perspective.  We are both on a mission to help other couples create the love and sex they really want and to grow into the capacity to have a vibrant, life-giving love even if we didn’t grow up learning how to create that.  He and I just work on this mission in different ways.  

He’s an introverted, intensely private person who has exploded so much of his own cultural conditioning and blown past the models of masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood he grew up with.  He isn’t one to talk about himself, but I’m so grateful for his partnership in my own growth and his vulnerability in letting me be transparent about our growth together AND his support and encouragement for my work.   

I want you to feel seen and supported by this episode, to feel that I really GET how painful a relationship can be when it’s good in many ways and in other ways it’s unworkable to the point that you want to give up.  I HAVE BEEN THERE, and spent years working through those challenges… and I’m grateful to be able to be GLAD to still be with my very human husband and to be able to help others who want to create outrageous love inside the imperfect relationship they already have.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why it’s so hard for many of us to create a really vibrant, fully loving and intimate relationship
  • Kurt’s and my story of leaning into our growth in our marriage so we could build a love like none we’d ever seen
  • What I know about how to know when to stay & dig into your own work and when to shift or end your relationship and do your growing outside the relationship

And more

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