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My Money, Our Money

January 13, 2022 Michele Lisenbury Christensen Season 1 Episode 46
Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them
My Money, Our Money
Show Notes

Money is a hot topic, especially in relationship to love and sex in long-term relationships. Money is energy, and it's power. How you handle money together shapes so much of the rest of your experience of your partnership and how you feel about yourself. So, today, I thought I'd dive into it in an episode about my money, our money, your money, and look at the relationship side and the erotic side of what happens with couples and money.

As you listen to this episode, you'll hear learn:

  • Managing money when you both have different approaches (spender or saver?)
  • Diving into your “money memories” and what they may mean for you today
  • How the meanings that you assign to money affect your relationship dynamic
  • Recognizing both partners’ contributions to the relationship
  • Navigating an income differential in a way that is satisfying to you both

And more.  

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“Money is like a mirror, it will reflect whatever we hold up to it.”
  - Michele Lisenbury Christensen 

Hot Moments in This Episode:

  • The money habit that’s a sex-crusher (8:20)
  • How money conflicts can be the canary in the coal mine (9:42)
  • Explaining what I mean by “financial infidelity” (13:25)
  • The different money strategies I have heard from hundreds of people (17:56)

 I hope that whatever you choose to do together with money, do it consciously, communicate openly, explore the meaning that you've made up, and rewrite the meanings.  And may the light within you illuminate the world around you.

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

Money Harmony by Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

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